Shooting with Soul ~ Exercise Two: Your Shadow

Monday, January 25, 2016

Ah, finally I have checked off the next exercise in my photography book.  My book, "Shooting with Soul", has been sitting on my desk collecting dust again.  But today I decided to move on to the next exercise - my shadow.  (Check out my previous post to learn more about this book - Shooting With Soul)

The above picture is a picture from many years ago.  My friend was the one with the camera so I didn't take the picture.  But I still love the picture because of the memories it brings back.

My family does a lot of hiking and last year I wore my "cowgirl" hat hiking.  I rarely wear this hat because, even though I love it,  I can never find an outfit to wear it with. This was actually the only time I have worn this hat. I'm glad I did though.  It made my shadow look neat and the granite rock made for a nice and (mostly) uncluttered background. Although when my mom looked at this picture she didn't know that I was wearing a cowgirl hat until I told her.  Shadow pictures can definitely be hard to interpreted Sometimes. 

Last summer when we were camping at the ocean my favorite part was waiting on the beach for the sunset.  While waiting as the sun went down I noticed how long the shadows were.  This picture makes me look like I am standing on stilts.  I really like this picture because of the golden color the almost setting-sun gives off.  

These last two pictures are from today.  The sun was hitting our front yard at an angle.  The perfect recipe for great shadows.  The garage door makes for a plain uncluttered background so I snapped a few pictures before the sun went completely down.  

It felt great to take my camera outside today and snap some pictures.  I never seem to have the time anymore for this favorite pastime of mine.  

I can't wait to see what the next photo challenge in my photography book will be!


  1. Cute photos :D. The two last ones remind me of Peter Pan and his Shadow he was always losing ;).

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