My Astrid Cosplay - I'm so close to finishing!

Friday, July 17, 2015

I have pretty much finished the major part of my cosplay. All I have left to do is make Astrid's ax, headband, and style the wig when it comes.  

For the wrist warmers I used faux suede and the same fur I used to make the hood.  I lined the wrist warmers with the fur to make them thicker and look bigger.  As you can see I used embroidery thread and added stitching along the seam line and edges.  I have a love for fingerless gloves so these have to be my favorite part of Astrid's outfit.  They are so warm and cozy and make  me wish for winter instead of summer.  

For the knee pads I used the same leather I made my skirt with (I bought way too much of that stuff, so I'm gonna have to use it for another project).  I added some padding so they don't look flat and then simply hand-sewed them to my leggings.

I decided to use my mom's brown winter boots and make boot covers for them with my fur. Big is better in my opinion so the boots covers are made with two layers of fur and attached in the back with Velcro.

And, of course, since I had all the pieces for the main part of Astrid's costume finished I had to try it all on.  Even though I was roasting hot from working in the craft room I was so excited to put everything on to see how it looked.

I just need to change my hair color (that will be done with a wig I purchased and it's in the mail) and my eye color (that will have to be by the 'magic' of photoshop....and then I'll be Astrid! (well, at least I'll look like Astrid...I'll still be me).

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