Astrid's Skirt

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Believe it or not, even without a pattern, the skirt was not as hard as the shirt.  I'm quite happy with how it turned out! My cosplay is slowly but surely coming together. 

The first thing I did for the skirt was cut out the leather strips. I didn't use real leather, I used vinyl.  I cut out ten strips.  Then I pinned the raw edges back and sewed the edges.  

I made four spikes for each strip.  After putting it together I realized my spikes could have been a bit bigger, but, oh well.  Also I found out I didn't have enough spikes and I had to make a few more.  (Note to self - always make extra if you can)

I had imbedded brads in the back of each of the spike, which made it so much easier to attach the spikes to the leather strips. I also used some E-6000 glue to help secure them.

I pinned the leather strips on the fur and did my best the make them even.

I've made a lot of skirts before.  Skirts are one thing I can make without a pattern.  For this skirt I decided to make the basic waistband which I have done so many times before.  I attached the skulls to the waistband before I slip-stitched the waistband closed. The wires I had attached to the skulls worked perfectly for attaching the skulls to the skirt.  I don't know how else you'd be able to get the skulls to stay securely on the skirt.  I may add some hot glue later just to help with keeping the skulls from moving around too much.  

I wanted to do a zipper closure but after working with the fur, I realized that it would be almost impossible to sew a zipper onto fur. I used Velcro instead which was actually easier.

So far I have made Astrid's shoulder pads, Astrid's shirt, and Astrid's skirt.  I still have to make her fur hood, arm warmers, and boot covers (and her ax).  I also need to add knee pads to my blue jean leggings.  But the main parts are done and my cosplay is starting to take shape.  I tried on all the pieces I have so far to see how well my cosplay is coming together. It made my day! Oh, and as you can see I am also going to have to buy a wig because I'm obviously not even close to being blonde.  

I'm still waiting for the fur I ordered to arrive in the mail so I can make the hood.  I ordered it a few weeks ago but they sent me the wrong fur and they finally got back to me about their mistake. I should receive the right fur sometime this week.  

It won't be too long 'til my cosplay is finished.  I'm so excited!

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  1. Wow! It's really coming are so talented!!!