Book Review Time

Friday, July 31, 2015


Okay, time for some book reviews!  Remember that post from awhile ago when I shared all the books I had bought?  I promised some book reviews - so here we go!

First, out of all the books I bought, I read Perfectly Unique by Annie f. Downs.   The title of this book reminded me so much of the title I chose for my blog!  This book was actually recommended to me by a friend so I guess you can say I felt a little bit obligated to read it first.

One thing you just can't help but love about this book is how fun the author is - Annie is so personal and funny!  I love the kind of writing that just makes you laugh out loud.  It's everywhere in this book. She is not afraid to share her stories no matter how embarrassing they may be.

I loved how she broke down this book into chapters on the different body parts and how we can use each body part to bring glory and praise to God.  My favorite chapter was the chapter about the heart.

I really enjoyed this book. This is a great book especially for girls who are struggling with accepting themselves for who they are.  It was fun and full of lots of truths and lessons that will benefit most girls.

The next book I read was The New Lady in Waiting by Jackie Kendall.  This book focuses on the story of Ruth and it just so happened that I had decided to read the book of Ruth a few days prior. I love it when little things in my life line up like that. It makes it clear to me that God is in control of everything and He cares for even the little details of my life.

Considering that this book focuses on the story of Ruth this would be a great book to read alongside a Bible study of Ruth.  I knew that Ruth's example was helpful and applicable to young women but I didn't know how much you can learn from  Ruth's story until I read this book.  

I've read a lot of books about waiting for that day when you meet that special someone and guarding your heart until that day.  This one has to be my favorite - so far.  It wasn't too hard to understand. It made sense and had great insights. It was full of Bible verses and other references.  Plus, the questions at the end of each chapter helped to make me think about how I can apply what I was learning to my everyday life.

So, if  anyone is looking for a good and worthwhile book about waiting for 'that special day' and what to do while waiting, The New Lady in Waiting is a good choice.  


  1. Wow.. I loved reading this! The first book is actually what we're using for our devotions at dance. We just started it so it's cool to read good reviews about it!

    1. That's great. It was a really good book, I really enjoyed it.