Good-bye Spring, Hello Summer

Sunday, June 4, 2017

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

As one season comes to an end, a new one begins.  Spring is over and summer is almost here. Every spring I work at a living history camp (Rock-N-Water). At this camp I pretend I'm from 1854 and teach kids about the Gold Rush.  This year was my fourth year working at this amazing place.  To me Rock-N-Water is a ministry because each day I am able to teach others about God and serve God in such a fun and unique way.

Even though I'm sad the camp is over, I'm choosing to be happy for all the fun I had and all the lessons I learned.   Memories are an amazing thing and I choose to treasure them. There's a huge smile on my face because I know that God is so good to me and He has blessed me so much through this camp.

Now as the green grass slowly fades to brown, and the temperatures begin to rise, I'm reminded that summer is here again.  To be honest with you all, summer isn't my favorite season, mainly because of the heat.  Who enjoys the heat?  I'd rather have cold weather.  But there is nothing I can do, summer has arrived once again.  

Do I have any summer plans?  I wish I could give you a list of things I am planning to accomplish this summer, but I don't. And, you know what, that's okay.  Each day comes and I'm learning to trust God in the uncertainty of the future.  I'm learning to live my life day by day, step by step.  The truth is that it's okay to not have a long list of summer plans and accomplishments.  I know God has great plans for me and I can't wait to see what He will teach me this summer!

Do you have any fun plans for summer?  


  1. Memories were the markers of our journey through life. They remind us of where we came from, and propel us into what is to come. God uses all these times to make us conform us into the image of Jesus.

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