Exercise One: Glimpses of You

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I'm so excited!  Today I actually get to share with you some of my photography! Photography is one of my favorite hobbies and it will probably always be only a hobby for me but I know how a camera works and I can't stop myself from taking pictures of everything that catches my eye.

In my last blog post I introduced you all to a book I am currently going through; Shooting with Soul.  I've been busy reading and I have finally come to the first exercise; Glimpses of you. For this exercise I am supposed to take a picture of myself that captures my personality in a creative way.  Being that I like to take lots of pictures I ended up with quite a few pictures that I believe capture the essence of who I am.

One thing you may notice with my pictures is that the colors in these pictures aren't very vibrant.  I figured since these pictures are supposed to describe me I went ahead and edited them in a way that I thought fit me.  I love everything that has a vintage feel to it and when I edit my pictures I love fading the colors to get a vintage effect. For editing my pictures I use Photoshop Elements 11, and also Picmonkey

This may sound weird but I love taking pictures of my feet with different backgrounds.  I'm a girl and I love my shoes and I will admit that I may have a few pairs to many. You can tell a story through your shoes, whether it's a shot of your boots buried in snow, or rain boots splashing in a puddle.  These our my all-time favorite shoes to wear in the summer. They are comfortable and did I say cute.  

As I snapped a lot more pictures of my shoes trying to get the perfect shot I was thinking of other ways to express who I am.  I've learned to never take only one picture.  Usually if I share a picture I'm not showing you the 50 pictures that didn't turn out right. Anyway, as you can see in this picture, I've been growing my hair out for a long time and even though it's not quite as long as I want it yet it's getting to be really long.  I think this picture really captures this aspect of myself.

As a photographer I've learned that props really help.  I love old books and I love reading. You will never be able to guess, but this picture has a double meaning for me. This picture tells you that I love reading but the book in my hand is actually a blank notebook.  Not only do I love old books but I feel like I can never have enough empty notebooks. I have my own little collection of notebooks just waiting to be filled with my writings.

And of course we have here the picture that was never intended to happen but it did and I love it. I was really bummed that this picture ended up being blurry but after downloading my pictures to my computer I actually really liked the dreamy effect the blurriness adds to this image.

All these pictures have been taken by me using my tripod and shutter remote (Nikon D5100 and my 35mm lens).

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  1. I really like the pictures, thanks for sharing. My favorite is probably the empty book although the last one has that dreamy feeling like you said and I like that. I too have a ton of empty page books and I love getting more even when I haven't filled the ones I have yet.