Bathroom Remodel: Staining and Painting

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

It is now time for another update on the progress I have made in redecorating our bathroom. The next step on my list of things to do was to stain the wood cabinets. Initially I was planning to paint the cabinets either a white or gray but after looking at pictures and inspiration online I decided not to paint the cabinets. But I knew I needed to do something to the cabinets. I wanted them to change and to be honest I didn't like the light honey color that the cabinets were already.

We stained the cabinets with a dark walnut wood stain and I'm so happy with the finished effect. The darker color looks much nicer and more finished than the light color it was before.

Next was the biggest task on my list, painting the walls. I have had plenty of experience painting so I wasn't overwhelmed with the job ahead of me. The ceilings in our house are really high so the hardest part when we were painting was reaching the high ceilings. The only way to reach the ceiling to do the trim was to cram our big and bulky ladder into the small bathroom.

After painting the first two coats I realized that because I chose such a light shade of blue there was a very high possibility that we would need a third coat. I cringed because I really did not want to have to paint the walls a third time. Fortunately we were lucky. Once the second coat dried and we looked closely at the walls we were happily surprised to find that it looked perfect.

The two main projects I had planned for our bathroom are done, the staining and the painting. Now comes the fun part. Decorating!

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