Thank You Garlands of Grace

Saturday, June 4, 2016

There is a really neat online shop called Garlands of Grace that sells the cutest hair accessories. For the longest time I have wanted to buy one of the many hair wraps they sell.  I'm so cheap though. For me twenty dollars is a lot to spend on an accessory for your hair. But I knew that eventually I would splurge and buy myself something from their shop, it was only a matter of time.  

Well, that time finally came.  After my spring job came to an end I figured I could use some of my money to treat myself.  Today my package came and I just had to share with you all how excited I am!

Once I opened the package I excitedly peeked inside.  Reaching my hand inside I pulled out a small parcel wrapped in tissue paper (pictured above).  It was so pretty I almost didn't want to open it. But I was even more anxious to see what was inside of it.   After I took a quick picture I began to untie the ribbon.

It's so special to receive something in the mail that has obviously been carefully put together by loving hands. I felt really special to receive such a lovely package today.

To my delight I found my "Cecily's Garden Party Chiffon" inside the parcel.  Along with it was also a small card of bible verses and a sweet thank you note.  

Of course I couldn't wait to try on my new hair wrap.  I'm in love with the rose design.  Anyone who knows me well will tell you that its a a perfect fit.  

You can also have the extra material hang over the back of your hair to give it a different twist.

If you have never heard of Garlands of Grace, you need to check them out.  Even if all you'll end up doing is browsing through their products, you won't be disappointed.   

Thank you Garlands of Grace for this lovely new hair accessory! This is going to be a new favorite hair style of mine!


  1. So Cute! I love that hair band! Have you ever checked out a site called They have really cool vintage inspired clothing.I LOVE their dresses!

  2. We are so excited to know you enjoyed your Garlands of Grace Headwrap and so blessed by your kind words. Thank you! :)

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